Administrative law

Administrative law

The administrative law

Kolmers Legal offers a wide range of services related to administrative law, as well as administrative procedures and court and administrative proceedings in all instances. As part of the legal services offered in the field of administrative law and administrative proceedings, the Kolmers Legal:

represents in proceedings before government and self-government administration authorities at every stage of the ongoing administrative procedure;

prepares and submits applications for administrative proceedings;

prepares, drafts and gives opinions on draft resolutions, ordinances and other legal acts issued by public administration bodies;

advises and prepares legal advice and opinions in the field of substantive administrative law and administrative procedure;

advises, prepares or directly conducts proceedings on: appealing against administrative decisions, appealing against resolutions of bodies of local self-government and legal acts stipulated by organs of government administration, complaints about inactivity of public administration bodies, restoring the deadline to appeal against the decision of the first instance authority, appeals against decision on refusal to issue a certificate, resumption of administrative proceedings, annulment of an administrative decision before government and self-government administration authorities, including the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the Arbitration Team of the Public Procurement Office, Self-government Appeal Courts, Patent Office, Provincial Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court ;

supports and represents entities in administrative proceedings for the issuance of legally authorized concessions, licenses and permits to conduct business;

on behalf of clients required by law, notifications and notifications;