Our mission:

We protect the interests of our clients through practical solutions and comprehensive service.

01. Practical specialisation

We provide professional legal assistance in complex, multithreaded and unconventional matters. Joint work of all Kolmers Legal departments allows for the implementation of tasks from many branches of law, while ensuring the highest quality of services provided.

02. Professionalism and service

The Kolmers Legal team is a combination of, above all, experience, knowledge and commitment. Our clients, entrusting us with legal problems, can focus on the most important goals of their company, expanding business or for ex. improving services or products.

03. Rules and standards

Although we support companies, in essence we help people who create them. We know that customers expect us to be effective and provide specific solutions, and not the answer “it depends”. We help to achieve business goals. We solve legal problems. We protect interests. We support development.

04. Speed and reaction time

In the era of digital communication and web applications, we believe that the lawyer’s reaction time is not only a technique, but above all a matter of methodology and value system. The speed of response is a real profit or loss avoidance. As lawyers, we know that we must respond quickly – contact and check.

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