Piotr Tarnowski

Business Development Manager

A graduate of Collegium Civitas, a specialist in customer service, brand development and marketing of professional services. He gained his professional experience while working, among others in the largest advertising and marketing agencies, as well as for specialized law firms.

In Kolmers legal, he is responsible for managing strategic projects, developing and building business relations. He is also responsible for recruitment processes conducted by the law firm, organization of conferences and industry trainings, cooperation with business partners and journalists.


Publikacje Piotra:

Kontakt do Piotra:

Piotr Tarnowskikolmers.pl+48 730 979 627
ul. Puławska 39 lok. 4002-508 Warszawa
Brand development 95%
Obsługa Klienta 90%
Marketing 83%
Strategia marki 76%

Praca Piotra:

  • Prawo cywilne
  • Własność intelektualna
  • Prawo handlowe
  • Umowy

Contact regarding recruitment only via email rekrutacja [at] kolmers.pl